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We are your fly's on the wall, capturing unfiltered emotion and moments between you and the people you love

How did we end up here?

We each have unique backgrounds that lends itself to creating a great team dynamic. We've been married for over 5 years love working together, we know how to help each other and we each bring our own creativity and eye for detail and love for the art that comes with being wedding photographers. We're constantly looking for ways to improve our art and how we care for you as you've trusted us with one of the most important days of your lives.

Juan has a BA in communication studies with an emphasis in Journalism, and most of his photography experience comes from working on set for over 7 years in Los Angeles. Juan worked with represented photographers and global brands such as Amazon, Target, Samsung, Elle Magazine, Skechers,  Snapchat, The New York Times, and more. His experience and exposure in commercial/editorial photography over the years has translated well into wedding photography. During Juan's time in Los Angeles he developed a deep passion for light and film photography.

2023 Publications:

  • Juan directed and photographed an ad campaign for Palermo House and was published on Architectural Digest and  Cosmopolitan.
  • The White Wren published a wedding documented in Pasadena California by Juan & Emily Photography.

Emily has carried a camera around with her since she was little, and loves the creativity and art that can be created behind her lens. She's been working alongside and learning about light and motion from Juan for years, and brings an artistic style and love for the intricate details of your wedding day. 

Things Juan and Emily do in their free time:

Lately Juan has been using most of his free time to work on house projects, but when he's not working on the house he is either at a  park with our daughter or going on a run. He's a formula 1 fan, loves to hike, read, play chess, and watch a good film.  He's your classic extrovert and is often doing these at the same time.

Emily enjoys camping and  hiking, she hiked Mt. Whitney and Half Dome a few years ago in the California mountains.  She also enjoys baking,  going on walks with their little girl, and snuggling up by the fire. She's currently trying to re-watch the Harry Potter movies.

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Tim & Allison

Juan and Emily shot our engagement photos in Asheville and came to Durham to photograph our wedding and reception. We LOVED how our photos turned out, and had SUCH a good experience working with Juan and Emily. They put us at ease, making the engagement photos fun and melting into the background at the wedding. Juan's enthusiasm and Emily's attention to detail brought us confidence and joy in the moment, and shine through in the images. We highly recommend them to anyone!