Biltmore Spring Engagement on Film and Digital Photography

Are you wondering what it's like to do your engagement photoshoot during the spring at the Biltmore in Asheville using both film and digital photography?

I (Juan) enjoy coming to the Biltmore all year round for engagement photography sessions. I have done many engagement sessions in the winter and summer; I will share the link to those for you to view.

S&M Winter Engagement at the Biltmore.

A&J Summer Engagement at the Biltmore.

Emma and Steven patiently waited for spring to come, and their patience paid off. There are pros and cons in every season, but we have been very content with all our engagement sessions at the Biltmore.

Spring is starting to bloom, and so is everything at the Biltmore. There is greenery all around the Biltmore house and flowers on the walking trails. The garden is starting to look beautiful, and the weather is perfect.

Quick tip for wedding photographers reading this blog: The Biltmore has a website that gives you updates on the garden! It’s called the “Biltmore Bloom Report.” If you’re a photographer that shoots engagement sessions at the Biltmore, I highly recommend it! It sends updates on what is blooming and new flowers!

Before an engagement session at the Biltmore, I like to ask couples what they like about the Biltmore or if there is a specific place that means something to them, or if they simply like an area better. I've had couples in the past that didn't care for the front of the house; others really love the garden and the conservatory, and some like both. For Emma and Steven, they wanted both the house and the garden, mainly the garden. We started at the upper lawn and made our way down to the garden from there. As soon as we arrived, we noticed there was a celebrity wedding going on and did not have access to the garden. We still managed to get great shots and walk around, but we decided to come back another day. There are times where things like this are out of our control, but we are happy to do anything that is in our control to make sure our couples are happy with their photos.

I think it is common to encounter large crowds or weddings on weekends at the Biltmore when doing engagement sessions. Just as Emma and Steven were waiting for the flowers and the Biltmore to bloom, so were many other people.

We decided to come in the middle of the week to avoid large crowds and we did. It was perfect; with only one or two people walking around, Emma and Steven felt like the Biltmore was their backyard. They were able to be present and enjoy a nice day at the Biltmore.

One of the first things Emily and I look for in an engagement session at the Biltmore is light; however, the environment is just as important, if not more. This is something Emily and I pay attention to and plan ahead in every engagement session. A photographer once told me, "you are in every frame you take.” This could not be more true, and it is why we will always try to create an open and friendly environment with couples.

Congratulations to Emma and Steven; we cannot wait to document their wedding next year!

Juan and Emily Photography

Juan and Emily are wedding photographers in Asheville documenting the moments between you and the people you love on film and digital photography.