Film and Digital Wedding photography at the Historic Homewood in Asheville, NC

Looking for a classic wedding venue in Asheville, NC? Homewood is probably what you're looking for. This is one of our favorite wedding venues close to Asheville. It's rich with historic character and elegant architecture from the 1920s. Tucked away in the heart of the Montford Historic District, just a few minutes from downtown Asheville.

Stone walls and classic architecture make this wedding venue unique and blend well with film wedding photography. Out of the colossal wedding venues in Asheville, I have to say this one is perfect for people who are looking for a classic look for their wedding photos. The wedding venue you choose will have a big impact on how your wedding photos are going to look and how you are going to remember your wedding for the rest of your life. It's important to take time and visit wedding venues to actually get the feel for the place. Doing your research and looking at photos online can help you determine a wedding venue, but I highly recommend you don't just look online but go there and experience what it's like to be there. You cannot smell or hear how a place sounds online.

A photographer should have the skill to not only capture key moments and the environment of the wedding, but you and your partner being genuinely present wherever it is. Fortunately, Asheville is filled with all kinds of wedding venues, and that might be a good problem for most of you thinking about getting married in Asheville. If you like the outdoors, barns, luxury venues such as the Biltmore or the Grand Bohemian Hotel, or elope atop the mountains on the Blue Ridge Parkway, there are many options for you and your partner.

What makes Homewood attractive aside from its classic 1920s aesthetic is the location and staff. It's only a few minutes from downtown with plenty of entertainment for your guests to enjoy. There are many new restaurants, breweries, multiple hikes around Asheville, and the Biltmore is just minutes away, just to name a few things. We had a great experience with their staff. They have over 200 weddings a year, thus they know what needs to be done to ensure a smooth day for the couple and their guests as well as other wedding vendors. I do need to bring something to the surface about this venue is the space. This is a great wedding venue in Asheville but space is something to consider when thinking about having your wedding at the Homewood. This wedding had about 150 guests and it was perfect for that amount, I would not recommend this venue if you have over 150 guests but that's just me.

I know I mostly talk about the venue, but this was an incredible wedding to be a part of at Homewood in Asheville. It was mostly genuine documentation and about 40% shot on film. That's all for now, we are looking forward to documenting more weddings at Homewood Asheville in the future.

Juan and Emily Photography are Asheville wedding photographers documenting moments between you and the people you love on film and digital. 

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