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Before I share about the importance of a professional headshot, I am going to share about my experience. For over 6 years I have been working in Los Angeles as a photographer, light technician, and (DIT) Digital Imaging Technician. For the last few years, I have done weddings and professional headshots for corporate businesses, magazines, and small business owners. In Los Angeles, I worked with global brands such as Apple, Amazon, Target, Hilton, Sketches, Snapchat, New York Times, Elle Magazine, and others. In 2023 Juan took professional corporate headshots for Snapchat, South College Asheville, personal contractors, and small business owners.

Why Do You Need Professional Headshots?

In the digital era that we are currently working in, your online presence is essential. If an employer is interested in interviewing you, or a potential client wants to do business with you, there is a high chance they will Google your name. First impressions are everything, and a professional image involves having decent headshots on your professional profile pages.

This is where I come in. I come to you and provide all the equipment necessary to create the best imagery for professional headshots: including professional lighting equipment, variety of backdrops, and the latest camera equipment to ensure the highest quality on every image. I also brings a computer with a professional editing software called Capture One Software. This is a professional editing software to edit, manipulate, and organize each image for a fast deliver. This is not only an effective way to work during a photoshoot but it also ensures the best composition since I see each image live in the computer. This helps me deliver the best headshots with the perfect exposure, color balance, and lighting. I do my best to make this process as easy as I can for you.

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Juan and Emily Photography are wedding and portrait photographers based in Asheville, NC. You can visit their wedding photography portfolio to learn more.

Professional Headshots

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